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ANKONA as the name says, is all about drawing and painting. Ankona offers a unique approach to visual art education with a wide range of perspective for all budding artists. The modules available are as diverse as the people teaching them, covering more traditional topics such as gesture drawing, oil painting techniques, clay modelling, wood sculpture, anatomy and colour and lighting fundamentals as well as character and creature design, watercolour techniques, digital painting and storyboarding. Basically, pretty much all areas of expertise that you can think of in the industry are covered here.
Here we offer 40 different categories of art form conducted in 3 modules. Our experts provide training to the students through online workshops. We have our branches in Bangalore, Kolkata, Allahabad and Delhi. Our modules will definitely help the students to explore their creative talents. Ankona is an outlet for all budding artist where each one of you can unfurl your talents, give colours to your emotion and play with your imagination.  

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